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A smart tool that helps you create an interactive presentation
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Character Builder is a both effective and entertaining presentation tool. A simple presentation can get boring if no special elements are included to make the main theme look more attractive. With Character Builder you can make any presentation more interesting and maybe even entertaining. You can add different characters, in different standing positions, with messages on their background or popup messages above them.

Character Builder gives you the possibility to create slideshows, to add dialog boxes between two characters, to enhance the presentation by adding some interaction with the help of question and answers, or to use simple narration.

Character Builder is quite easy-to-use despite the fact it is a quite complex application.

Character Builder does not have high system requirements and it is compatible with all the popular Windows versions.

Briefly, Character Builder is the program that you are looking for when you need to create an interactive, attractive and captivating presentation.

Abbie Crang
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